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Mental Wellness

Encouraging more open dialogue, healthy coping mechanisms, and better utilization of on campus resources for students under intense academic pressure

Members: Andres Baez, Kylee Peng, Marjorie Tolentino, Jaclyn Chin, Emilia Pokta, Brittany Chen, Amaya Mali, Angelica Yeleshwarapu, Sua Kwon


Constructing an environment that promotes intrinsic motivation in the academic/emotional performance of low-income students

Team Leads: Lauren Ibarra, Vy Huynh

Members: Mayu Wilson, Michelle Duong, Sam Huang, Jason Sather, Nancy Morales, Karina Leung, Hao In Choi


Medical Accessibility in Tijuana

Designing a flow that better manages the information system within the clinic hosted by The International Health Collective and medical professionals

Team Lead: Jan D.

Members: Ezra C., Stacey C., John D., Catherine K., Grace O., Pratyush K., Erikka L., Kylee P., Helen Z.