YMCA Changemakers

This year we will be working alongside DFA National and the YMCA to empower and engage youth changemakers. Our project work will emphasize building, testing, and validating concepts for both local and scalable implementation.

Team Lead: Junhee Chung, Brendan Jew

Members: Nicolette Shin, Hilya Khalil, Sophie Truong, Sam Baik

Low Resource Access

We are looking to develop a resource or platform that will provide aid to underrepresented and underserved communities. We will highlight low cost and pro-bono services provided by community members, professionals, local businesses and local government, and connect them with people in need of such services.

Team Lead: Adriana Wolf, Alexandra Uvarova

Members: Goldie Chu, Hannah Truong, Camille Yabut, Rohan Reddy


RE:dsgn is an educational program created by UCSD students to equitize education within San Diego County. We have developed a teaching guide and mentor-led format to implement human-centered design-thinking into elementary classrooms of underrepresented students.

Team Lead: Lauren Ibarra, Michelle Duong

Members: Kimberly Wong, Erica Iniguez, Zoe Wong, Henry Pham-Tran`, Ashley Chu, Sophia Dominguez

VR Headset to Track Focus

A project with a MIT professor where we will build an app to track eye movements to be able to characterise focus quantitatively and be able to predict the eye movement in a VR headset.

Team Lead: Emilia Pokta, Tejas Choudhary

Members: Aneesh Kumar Jalan, Abhik Roy, Sahil Umrotkar, Stephanie Lan Zhou, Donna Da Na Kim, Kelly Li

To Be Designed is a quarter-long design
program that uses human-centered design to
takle complex social issues

With guidance from industry mentors, with community partners to address
partner-specific challenges.


Kitchens for Good

Kitchens For Good’s Project Launch is a apprenticeship program that annually prepares 150 individuals who are overcoming histories of incarceration, homelessness, foster care, mental health issues, or victims of domestic violence to launch meaningful careers in the culinary and hospitality industry.


Having an abundant social life, just like most things, requires effort, and we wanted to make it easier for others to find things to do that are worthwhile without having to waste a significant amount of free time or energy. So, we decided to create a way to match real experts with individuals in order to make experiences more discoverable, accessible, and personalized.”