Design for Impact

Design for America is an idea incubator, a motivated community, and a way of approaching complicated challenges. DFA shapes the next generation of social innovators.


Design for America is a nationwide network student-led organizations that aims to create products and solutions that solve real world problems. DFA encompasses over 36 studios across the United States with more than 1200+ students working to use human-centered design for social impact.

DFA at UC San Diego is a part of the Design for America National Network and a student organization comprised of multiple project teams with members from all majors. DFA at UCSD focuses on solving issues impacting the San Diego community through human-centered design.


Empathy, Impact, Innovation

We are united by a common set of values that define our work. We have a willingness to work collaboratively and respectfully with others. We communicate openly and sensitively with team members as well as people of diverse backgrounds we may be unfamiliar with. We have a passion for social good and making a positive impact, first and foremost. We look back at our projects remembering how we worked together using human-centered design.

How we approach the design process...

  1. IDENTIFY the challenge
  2. IMMERSE through user research
  3. REFRAME pain points
  4. IDEATE possible solutions
  5. BUILD ideas into prototypes
  6. TEST designs based on user testing & feedback